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Short on time? Don’t know what there is to see in this city? Surrounded by countless attractions and things to do? With the Rideguide City App, you’ll reach your destinations directly without needless detours. Just select your interests, starting point, available time and ways of getting around—and let your personal urban experience begin!

Customized travelling

Customized travelling

Get to see what really interests you.
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Easy to plan

Easy to plan

Your personalized route in just a few steps.
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Experience flexibility

Experience flexibility

Discover the city when, where and however you want.
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Don't miss anything
Don't miss anything

Don't miss anything For those who want to experience simply the best

Do you know that feeling? You’re visiting an unfamiliar city and find yourself a bit lost amidst all there is to see and do? Where are things happening? Which attractions are for you? And of course: How can you find the nearest restaurants and bars that fit your taste? The Rideguide City App answers all your questions with one route tailored precisely to your preferences. So you can make the best use of your precious time—instead of wasting it trying to find your way around.

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Start right here
Start right here

Start right here Click, Click, Trip! Receive smart routes the quick and simple way.

Generate your own personal urban experience with Rideguide—in just a few steps. Simply select your interests, desired duration and starting point—and let Rideguide show you around the city your favorite way!

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Rideguide will show you around the city better than anyone ever has
Rideguide will show you around the city better than anyone ever has

Rideguide will show you around the city better than anyone ever has.

Kick off your personalized urban experience and explore the city your way. From culture to cuisine. From wherever you happen to be. And by the way: With the Rideguide City App, you have the flexibility to adjust or redesign your route at any time.

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Don't waste any time. Create your own personalized route in just 3 steps.

With Rideguide you can design your own personalized route simply and quickly—in just 3 steps.

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Your Urban Experience will be sent to you by e-mail. Simply open the route and discover.

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The app is the reward.

Even more functions, even more options: Register for the free Rideguide app and enjoy all its benefits!

  • Additional categories and destinations available
  • Route planning—for bikes, too!
  • Flexible route adjustments
  • Direct and flexible navigation
  • …and so much more to explore!

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The app is the reward

Frequently asked questions.

What’s special about Rideguide?

Rideguide creates a personalized route for you that meets your interests, time frame and ways of getting around. You decide if your route should include typical sights and/or insider tips and suggestions from locals.

On what basis does Rideguide put together my locations?

Apart from your (few) selections about your interests, timeframe and available ways of getting around, Rideguide pulls from an extensive database of tourism and insider locations including up-to-date experience reports and ratings. Put together a tourist route that includes all the must-see locations. Let yourself be guided through the city’s insider hotspots. Or combine both kinds of visits in one route—you decide. And if you feel one of the suggested attractions isn’t for you, it only takes a click to replace it…

What’s the difference between the web application and the app?

The web application gives you the option of planning your route ahead of time. The app gives you additional benefits during your trip, such as navigation to the relevant locations, display of further information and the dynamic adjustment of your route.

Which urban centers are covered by Rideguide?

You can already enjoy the full extent of it in Berlin. In 2019, a dozen or so additional exciting cities will follow. For a complete list, check out our newsletter.

Which end devices are supported by Rideguide?

The web application is supported by all common internet browsers. The app currently only runs on iOS.

How much does it cost?

Using the web application is currently free of cost for you.

What happens with my data?

We only use your data (name and e-mail address) to make the route available to you—and to send you the newsletter if you’ve subscribed to it. For more information, click here.